Welcome to Audience Development – Arts Marketing

Created by Keith Diggle, worldwide lecturer, author of Marketing the Arts, Guide to Arts Marketing, and Arts Marketing.

If you are involved in the process of ‘getting audiences’ your view of how best to approach the task may be coloured by your ‘professional age’ – that is, how long you have been doing the job. If you have been in the business for, say, less than ten years, you may well regard the marketing of the arts as being not at all different from what I would call ‘commercial marketing’. It is commercial marketing that is taught in universities and is presented in many training programmes that are open to you. Essentially it says ‘find out what they want and then give it to them’. If your experience goes back further you may be familiar with and hold dear to you the philosophy that gives the creator (or selector) of an arts programme much more influence in what is to be marketed. Of course, you may be an anachronism and combine youth with wisdom in which case … Whoopee!

Whatever experience you have you might well ask if you are satisfied with your results in terms of your audiences – the size as well as their socio/economic/ethnic/gender make-up, the confidence you have in continuing to attract those audiences, the degree to which your organisation can ‘push the limits’ of those audiences’ tastes. Basically, are you content with what you are doing and what you are achieving?

This website comes to you from an oldtimer who was the first person in the UK to dare to suggest that the arts could not only be marketed in an organised, target-focused way but could do so without throwing the artistic baby out with the bathwater; someone who worked out an approach that was and still is derived entirely from the experience of ‘getting audiences’. It’s a way of doing things that seems to have been rejected by commercial marketers and academics running marketing courses for arts people, both of which have, fairly cynically it seems to me, seen the arts world as a useful source of extra income. What I offer comes as a gift.

A few questions to help you decide whether or not to press the Click button to see what I’m talking about:

  • What is the aim of arts marketing?
  • What do you think Publicity is capable of achieving?
  • Do you think you can succeed, now, with all sections of the community?
  • What is it that determines the response of an individual to your advertising blandishments?
  • How does Advertising relate to Public Relations?
  • Does arts marketing require you to think about developing new audiences?
  • Do you have a view on the prices you charge?
  • Where does the process of Sales begin and end?
  • What is Sales Promotion?
  • Are you happy with your present audience levels?
  • Are you familiar with the A.D.A.M. model – the decision making, orientation and influence flowchart?

You’ve nothing to lose. It costs nothing. Click away!