The Unavailable Audience

by Keith Diggle


The audience that is not available to you at the time you either start your organisation or your artistic project or start to get seriously involved in arts marketing – those people who, by virtue of their present attitude towards what you are involved in, will almost certainly not respond to the usual tools of marketing. In Keith Diggle’s original market analysis the community that the arts organisation sees before it may be thought of as comprising

ATTENDERS – Those who are presently experiencing what you offer

INTENDERS – Those whose attitude towards what you offer is favourable but who have not yet been persuaded to make a commitment

INDIFFERENT– Those who have no definable attitude either for or against what you offer

HOSTILE – Those who have a negative attitude towards what you have to offer

The Unavailable Audience are those who are INDIFFERENT or HOSTILE. They can only be brought into the category of potential audiencegoers – that is, to become an AVAILABLE AUDIENCE – if their present attitudes are changed by means of that component of AUDIENCE DEVELOPMENT termed by me in my book, ARTS Marketing, EDUCATIONAL PUBLIC RELATIONS. Educational PR has the power of turning members of the Unavailable Audience into an Available Audience and basic arts marketing can only succeed with an Available Audience.